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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Utes 22, Wyoming 10

This makes just the 2nd football game I've been to in my undergraduate years... the first coming early in my freshman year (when the Utes pummeled Utah State).

It was fun.

Things I learned/noticed...

1- It's much more fun to go in a group of 7 than alone.
2A- If I had more undergrad years, I'd consider joining the MUSS.
2B- Provided, of course, that UTA wasn't run by assholes. Which it is, so I couldn't.
2C- I mean, if I don't have a way home, that kinda makes it hard.
3- It can get really cold really quickly.
4A- The Utes offense is way too conservative at times.
4B- It was Wyoming... the Utes should've win running away.
5- Thank god for a friend in the MUSS, or we would've been standing way far back.
6- I was confident the Utes would win, and Wynn they did!
7A- For those that think no one in Utah swears/drinks, you're wrong.
7B- Should've seen/heard the people behind us.
8A- BLACKOUT BABY! 2-0 now. 2-0
8B- Last year it was TCU. This year, Wyoming. Slight drop-off, no?
9- Why does it always seem like the Utes play up/down to the competition?