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Friday, October 30, 2009

Nazar Ke Samne (1994)

Yet another Akshay Kumar movie from the mid-90s. This time he comes together with Farheen, Ektaa, Mukesh Khanna, Kiran Kumar, Dalip Tahil & Ashok Saraf in a suspense/thriller type movie.

The movie starts off with the death of some guy. It ends up being a newspaper editor. The guy accused of the killing (a photographer) was arrested by the police at the scene of the crime 45 minutes or so after the given time of death. His family turns to lawyer Kiran Kumar for help, who tries to help clear his name and doesn't even ask for money (it is a poor family... they try but he turns them down). Kiran is running the case masterfully, and seems to have the case won, before an eye-witness shows (Akshay Kumar) shows up and ends any chance of the guy getting out.

Akshay, as it is, didn't see the murder or anything. He was paid to lie, and since he is poor and needs money, he takes it. It's his profession that he works Ashok Saraf. The family of the photographer is shocked, obviously... led by his sister (Farheen). She meets Akshay Kumar, shows him how his lying (he explained to her why he did it, but she was unmoved) has affected her family and sobers him up. He decides then and there to help her find the actual culprit.

So then it's on. Him & Farheen & Ashok Saraf and eventually Ektaa (a prostitute that is Akshay's friend) & Mukesh Khanna (a poor guy who saw the murderer but doesn't know a name) are all thrown in trying to find the guy with golden shoes (a picture accidentally taken by the photographer when the murderer knocked him out).

The movie, to be honest, wasn't much fun. The suspense was revealed too early (despite being somewhat obvious) and whenever the movie seemed to get going, the action would be stopped by a song. I mean, the song after its revealed that Akshay was lying is fine. But then right after that, Farheen seems to be ready to do something... and they have a song. And then they fight the bad guys a bit, Farheen is saved by Akshay... and they have another song (though I liked this one a bit, so whatever). Then the Mukesh Khanna song to introduce him. And another love song. And then the song with Ektaa when she tries to keep Jimmy (a bad guy) occupied.

On the other hand, you've got a total idiot in Akshay. I mean, only one guy knows where they have Jimmy trapped. He doesn't get it. And only one guy knows where he's going to meet Ektaa. He still doesn't get it. Lucky for him he turns around when sleeping, or Mukesh Khanna kills him and he dies without knowing.

The songs weren't all that good, save for the title song. The acting was just meh... Kiran Kumar, Dalip Tahil, Akshay Kumar... they were all just partially there. The actresses didn't have much to do. Ashok Saraf was funny at parts, but that's it.

It's not the worst Akshay Kumar movie out there, but it could've been so much better (though the title is way too revealing).