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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Partner

One of the first John Grisham books I ever read, and one I recently bought and reread. Good reason too... the book is freaking amazing!

The second he stole the money, he knew they were coming after him. He planned his disappearance, making it seem like he was dead. He changed cities like mad. He fled the country. He changed his name. He changed his appearance. Yet he knew they were coming. He prepared for it and was always careful. And sure enough, they came.

They found him in Brazil, and they tortured him until ordered to stop. In spite of all of that, they didn't get the location of the money... just the name of a girl. And the hunt was on for her, though she had disappeared. He, meanwhile, came back to the states... a prisoner accused of stealing a whole lot of money... after he had seemingly been buried. There were so many questions... who's body had been buried? Why had he left his wife/daughter? How did he know about the money, let alone steal it? Where was the money now, and how much of it was left? Was he to be accused of murder too? So many questions... and only one person knew all the answers.

Him. And he wasn't going to give them up that easily.

I really love this book, as I mentioned above. And, as with most novels, I'm not able to convey the plot via post. Simply, you should just go read the book if you haven't already. Or even if you already have. It's that good.

My only complaint... I'm not a big fan of the way the book ended. He won the entire battle, John... let him have some of his life.


Anonymous said...

John Grisham is a fantastic author, and I've read some of his other work, but not The Partner. I'm definitely going to now, though.