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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zaalim (1994)

The correlation between movie “goodness” and number of ‘bad-guys’ is obviously negative.

That quote (written by me) pretty much sums up my view on the movie.

I have now seen 1/3 of the 12 (12!!) movies that Akshay Kumar had release in 1994. Of them, I'm pretty sure this one was the worst.

We have a big family, including father (Alok Nath), 3 sons (Vishnu Vardhan, Arun Bakshi, Akshay Kumar) and daughter (Preeti Khare). Two of the sons are married (not Akshay, obviously), and soon enough, the third (Akshay, obviously) has a girlfriend (Madhoo). There are also the bad guys (Mohan Joshi, and son Arjun). And another villain (Ranjeet, who shows up later). We learn through a couple of flashbacks that Akshay Kumar has a serious anger issue... when he got mad, he beat people to a pulp (and even killed a kid that was around his age). Since then, he hasn't fought due a promise/vow his father made him take. Until he got seriously beaten up by Arjun, and the vow was removed.

Arjun & Akshay end up having a boxing match, and Akshay wins. Arjun, upset, had seen Akshay's sister cheering, and rapes her while in the hospital. One of Akshay's brother's is a doctor, so he finds out and tells the family, though they make Akshay promise he won't do anything. She is hurt by the family not doing anything, but gets the family to support her in a fight against Arjun. Her father (judge) goes to convince the rest of the justices to have a trial, and they agree. On the way there, the baddies end up killing father & daughter. The other son (a police officer) finds out and heads home. Before telling Akshay though, they handcuff him to a metal bar in the window so he won't do anything stupid. And then they go to the funeral.

Akshay talks to his nephew, and ends up getting the keys to the handcuffs. He's gone by the time the family gets home... and then people start dying.

The movie really isn't all that. Akshay gets kinda annoying, Madhoo is just annoying, and no one else is really worth writing about. I was kinda hoping that Ranjeet would be good (has that ever happened), but that was obviously a pipe dream. The songs weren't very fun, and all in all, the movie was just a big waste of time.

Which is what you expect when an actor is working on releasing 12 movies in 1 year.