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Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Am The Messenger

Written by Markus Zusak (same guy that wrote The Book Thief), I Am The Messenger is a different type of book in all regards.

That's not necessarily a bad thing... nothing is going to live up to The Book Thief. This book takes place in a more modern time, and follows a main character who's life changes after he prevents a bank robbery from going down. He starts getting these cards (the aces) with names/instructions on them, and sets off to do whatever is required (though he's not quite certain because the first one is just a group of names). He's given various instructions, and with nothing better to do, he sets out. He's going around helping people that need it in various ways... but with no idea why he's been chosen. Or who's behind it all. And what it'll mean for him in the end, when all 4 aces have been played.

It's an interesting story, and a fairly good read.
It takes a while to get started, but after he visits the first location, the speed of the story picks up and you're in for a ride.
I enjoyed it (though maybe not as much as some of the books I've read since).
Worth checking out, in my opinion.