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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Acid Factory (2009)

So, you know how there are those movies that have really bad songs, no character development, a lot of yelling & pointless blowing up of cars?

Yeah... this fits that. (AKA, it sucks.)

Told in a combination of "at the moment" and "in the past," the story is about a group of characters (Fardeen Khan, Aftab, Dino Morea, Danny, Manoj Bajpai) who wake up in an unknown location with no memories of how they got there or why they got there.

Through flashback, you are told that Fardeen is an undercover cop, who is working to try and capture the main bad guy (played by Irrfan Khan). To do this, he ends up joining with Manoj Bajpai & Danny (after stealing a car in a chase scene involving a ton of blown up cars).

Back at the acid factory (as it's been decided they're in) all the guys have woken up from the acid, but have temporary amnesia. Manoj is handcuffed to a railing... and that's the only thing keeping him from falling. Danny is tied to the chair. Aftab & Dino have been partially beaten up. Fardeen, who was the first one to wake up, has already answered the phone. The caller (Irrfan) mentions a bunch of names, and tells him to make sure that someone is dead. Fardeen, of course, is confused.

The story goes on... they're all confused about what's going on, but realize that it was a kidnapping of 2 people by 4. They just don't know who was kidnapped & who were the kidnappers. They realize that there should be one more person there, and they start searching. And with that, the troubles begin.

Who is who? And will they be able to escape before Irrfan shows up and kills them?

As I mentioned, the songs sucked. Due to the characters not knowing who they were or anything, there was no character development. A couple of the characters (Dia Mirza, Aftab) were yelling most of the time. It was fairly annoying. There was some action towards the end, but that's about it.

The acting was just meh... not sure why Dia Mirza keeps taking on roles like this (Jai Veeru, Cash before). Or why Manoj Bajpai has taken his last couple of roles (this one, Money Hai Toh Honey Hai). The story itself had a shot, but it was just too messed up at times. The death was expected, but unnecessary.

Nothing you'll regret missing.